FPK welcomes sick, abandoned and orphaned children and young people in need of care, in order to offer them free health and socio-cultural care. It is about creating a protected environment for vulnerable children and young people. There are two main areas of intervention of the organization: health area and reception and education area. Currently, there are about 600 children and young people housed in the facility, of whom more than 90 have various disabilities (both physical and intellectual) and 126 children between the ages of 0 and 4. Approximately 15000 visits are made annually to health facilities with a high percentage of hospitalizations. The employees who deal with both the health facility and the reception are doctors, nurses, educators, mamans, physiotherapists and operators and maintainers for a total of about 130 employees who rotate over 24 hours of service. FPK is a member of Hub For Kimbondo, a 2nd level association that coordinates the activities of Western associations and supporters who help the Pediatric Foundation with their volunteers.


FPK will work with the other project partners to define the Capacity Building Toolkit and the structure and operation of the CAMMINI MINIMI network organization. It will therefore have an active role in this new network and specific responsibilities. La Fondation Pédiatrique de Kimbondo will be responsible for the logistics of the Capacity Building Training Course in the DRC and coordinator of the group of Congolese organizations who will participate in the training. Given the experience gained in managing large project budgets, FPK will actively collaborate on the definition of the contents of the Financial Management and Resource Management module.



All the children of the FPK call him PAPA Roger, he is 49 years old, married and father of 5 boys. He has been working at the FPK since 2000, so 19 years in the service of young people. Read more
Today he is the manager of administrative and financial services of FPK, but my very first job was to heal and prepare baby bottles, change diapers for babies. Then he worked as head of the pavilion, chief of pharmacy, deputy chief of nursing. Through CAMMINI MINIMI, he can add my stone for the construction of the future of young people of the world.


ELISEE Mangasa Libotabongo

He is married and father of 4 girls. FPK worker since 2002, at the beginning he is a radiologist technician, now his function is head of FPK staff as HR Manager. Framed by Dr. Read more
Laura and Father Hugo, Pédiatrie de Kimbondo founders, to continue the work they started, he pledges to continue in this direction for the guidance of young people towards their future.