VACK is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation that uses volunteering to improve the sustainability of community initiatives in Kenya. Its main purpose is to promote peace, understanding, justice, development, social inclusion, youth mobility, youth employment and the exchange of information between Kenyans and the international community. Vack provides services in education, health, leadership training, enterprise development, ICT development and agriculture; to help young people in their personal and socio-economic development, so as to encourage confidence in them, help young people to participate in the life of the group, express their views and play an active role in the planning and management of their activities. It promotes the development of young people's entrepreneurial skills, particularly from rural areas, in order to improve their employability at local level.


VACK, given its proven experience in the management, selection and animation of young volunteers, will bring specific know-how about this topic. It will help the other African and European youth organizations to define the voluntary strategies linked to the CAMMINI MINIMI network organization. It will work with other partner organizations to design the Capacity Building Toolkit and the structure and operation of the CAMMINI MINIMI network organization. VACK will be responsible for the logistics organization of the training that will be carried out in Nairobi and will obviously be the coordinator of the 10 organizations that will participate in the training.



He holds a Diploma in Community Development and is a founder member and a staff member as the Programme’s & Organization Development Officer at Volunteer action for Change Kenya since April 2013 and have been actively involved in activities promoting sustainable development in Kenya. Read more
During this time as a Program Manager with VACK, he has been able to serve as a trainer, mentor and role model to a number of young people over the country where he has been able to serve. He has over ten years’ experience in community development, volunteer management, program development, skills development, and grassroots mobilization to action. He has designed and implemented activities targeting the youth aimed at promoting their active involvement in sustainable development initiatives. He has also implemented trainings that have been carried out on a participatory approach with the aim of empowering the youth to utilize their skill and also offering them an opportunity to lead multicultural groups on specific projects across Kenya. He can say that he has an impeccable zeal for action, a resourceful team player who is capable of maintaining effective working relations in any kind of environment.


FANUEL Jethron Ayumba

His passion for youth work and community development can be traced back to his high school days. He is joined the sector in late 1990s as a youngster. From working with local community initiatives to national engagement in development work then cooperation with like minded international partners. Read more
He mastered the craft of implementing sustainable community initiatives aimed at bringing services closer to the people. He is the Country Coordinator for Volunteer Action for Change Kenya in charge of coordinating processes and activities, maintaining equilibrium to ensure efficiency in entire organization.