KUWUKA JDA - Juventude Desenvolvimiento e Advocacia Ambiental (Youth Development and Environmental Protection) is a Mozambican civil society organization established in 2001 and legally registered in 2008, which mainly targets young people and community development organizations. It aims to contribute to sustainable and integrated development and participatory governance, through capacity building that strengthens community citizenship, stakeholder groups for active participation in influencing decision-making processes, including monitoring policy through research and reflection methodologies. The organization aims to contribute to economic, social and environmental equity and sustainable development.


KUWUDA JDA will work with other organizations to define the Capacity Building Toolkit and the structure and operation of the CAMMINI MINIMI network organization. The staff of this organization has a good level of experience in the relationship with institutional stakeholders and in the institutional fundraising, will bring this expertise within the project actively collaborating with the partners in the definition of the teaching modules that correspond to these issues. KUWUDA JDA will be responsible for the logistics of the Capacity Building Training Course to be carried out in Maputo and coordinator of the 10 Mozambican youth organizations that will participate in the training.


Tânia Marisa Elias Libanze Chaúque

Tânia Marisa Elias Libanze Chaúque, Mozambican, with a degree in Tourism Management focused on community tourism. Founding member, Activist and Program Official of the Community Development and Environmental Civic Education Program at the Mozambican non-governmental organization KUWUKA JDA- Youth, Development and Environmental Advocacy.Read more
With about a 10 year career, has implemented about 15 projects mostly related to solid waste management, sustainable management of natural resources, governance and participation. KUWUKA JDA focal point for the National Platform of Civil Society Organizations for Climate Change and has participated in the COP 21 Conference on Climate Change in Paris, France.


Camilo Nhancale

Camilo Nhancale holds an MSc in Conservation Ecology (Resource Governance) from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. He is executive director and research coordinator at KUWUKA JDA Youth Development and Environmental Advocacy in Mozambique. A civil society practitioner leads KUWUKA JDA on planning, implementation, oversight and institutional development. Read more
KUWUKA's mission is to empower citizens for participatory governance, transparency and accountability and advocacy on community rights, through training civil society, government, private sector, media, academia and community-based organizations, including youth and children for their active participation in decision-making process on issues of their interest and in development. Nhancale is member of international, regional and national civil society networks, including multi-stakeholder groups such as the Mozambican Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative. Prior to join KUWUKA JDA he served as head researcher of environment and land research unit at Cruzeiro do Sul Research Institute and as SARW's country coordinator and advocacy officer in Mozambique.